A comprehensive selection of King James Bibles, and that exclusively. More information in the detailed description below on our KJV Bible translation standard.

More Details

KJV Rationale - Gullion's is a family-owned business and ministry. As such, we recognize our great responsibility in the distributing of God's Word to the public.

We believe that we will answer to God Himself someday in regards to our handling of his Word, and thus we take our responsibility in that regard very seriously.

We have therefore chosen to exclusively carry the old King James version of the scriptures in our stores.

By God's grace, we try to do so with grace and humility, and ask that those who disagree with us in this area offer us that same measure of grace.

We do, as you might expect, have a fairly detailed rationale for our standard in this matter, which is too detailed and nuanced to offer here.

This rationale can be found in the abundance of printed material on the subject carried in our stores, from simple pamphlets to voluminous tomes. We encourage you to investigate this all-important matter for yourself, and would be glad to steer you towards some of our recommended materials upon request.​