Books - New and Used

Books - New and Used

An extensive New and Used Book inventory with a decided emphasis on the tried and true authors of the past, along with those of today that seek to hold the line of Biblical authority and sound doctrine. Our standard for books using scripture on most every page (mainly reference books and devotionals) is that they should be KJV-based.

*Our used book inventory primarily comes from buying/trading them with our customers.

More Details

Trade-In Credit/Cash

for Used Books and Homeschool Materials

No consignment! We BUY books from you.

NO waiting for a check. No waiting for your items to sell. Same Day Credit or Cash.

How it works:

  • Bring in your books and we'll check them for what we need. It should take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to review them, depending on how many you bring, and how busy we are.

  • We generally price your used curriculum at 40-75% of its new retail value, depending on condition, supply, and demand. We then offer you store credit of 50% of our selling price for what we accept.  

(Books not related to homeschooling may need to be left with us for review at a convenient time, with Saturdays being the designated day for this task, and are sometimes priced at less than 40% of their new retail value, again depending on condition, supply, and demand.) 

  • Credit can be used immediately or stored in our system for future use, and is good towards anything in either of our stores, both new and used, homeschool-related or not.

  • At any time, you may "cash out" all or any portion of your store credit at two-thirds (67%) of its value.

  • You may choose to take any or all of your store credit as a gift certificate(s) for sharing with friends and family, or ask us to share it with a needy family in your stead as the Lord leads.

  • Any materials that we do not accept are yours to do with as you wish, of course. If you do not want them back, you may choose to donate some or all of them to us. We will dispose of them in various ways, including sharing some with  missionaries and needy families as opportunity arises.​

If you have any more questions just call or email us and we'll be glad to answer them.